On today’s Hard Knock Radio Show -08-03-20, we cover the huge protest that took place over the weekend outside of San Quentin Prison. More than a thousand people showed up to express their anger and concern that there has been a spike in Covid-19 cases, including close to 30 deaths and prison officials have seemed indifferent. Demonstrators representing over several dozen organizations throughout the Bay Area claimed that harmful policies and practices deployed by prison officials have contributed to the infections and Covid 19 death toll..

During the protest,  speaker after speaker called upon California governor Gavin Newsom to immediately release inmates who were elderly and had been exposed to the virus. They also called upon the governor to isolate inmates and guards who have tested positive for Covid-19. They also demanded more safety precautions be put in place and that prison officials put end to the practices and policies that have been detrimental to the health of inmates.

Many organizers called for prison officials who subjected inmates to Covid-19 and have been negligent in their response be held criminally accountable for ignoring saftey guidelines. Others called for the abolition of prisons. They asserted the system is too corrupt and cannot be repaired.

Lastly, we spoke with Paul Red, an inmate who was recently released after being incarcerated for over 45 years. He spoke to us about life behind the walls and what he experienced. He talked about the devastation of the corona virus for inmates who have been exposed. He also spoke in great detail about the importance of Black August and the challenge him and other inmates had in celebrating and acknowledging it when he was locked up.

Check out some of our photos below. You can see the entire gallery HERE