On today’s HKR 08-10-20 show we speak with long time activist and union organizer John Reimann about how Covid 19 is impacting essential workers.  He belives the desire by many corporations to make a profit have led to them shortchanging safety measures to keep everyone healthy and safe from the corona virus.

During our discussion Reimann details how Covid 19 is spread via unsafe working conditions especially on factory farms. He cites the research done by evolutionary biologist Rob Wallace on farm pathogens which is found in his book Big farms Make Big Flu . Here he explains how a number of modern day diseases are originating from animals and  jumping to humans. In order to best understand why and to ultimately prevent this, we have to adrress the structural issues around global agriculture. Reimann asserts that Wallace’s book was a forewarning to Covid 19 pandemic.

John Reimann’s work can be read at Oakland Socialist