Today we paid tribute to ‘Andre from the 3rd Section aka Andre Harrell’.. For those who don’t know, The 3rd section is located within the Bronxdale Housing projects (Sotomaoyor Houses ). This was where Andre Harrell was from.. He started busting rhymes alongside Anthony G. Horne aka Cholly Rock for the legendary pioneering deejay Disco King Mario.. It was incredible hearing those stories… and first hand accounts.. about a shy kid who didn’t say much but was light years ahead with his rhyme flow back in 75..

It was also incredible hearing Mark Skillz talk about the legacy of Harlem World and the Harlem World Crew which traces its aspirational roots back to the 1960s.. Andre Harrell and his partner Alonzo Brown aka Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde were members of the HWC.. and among the first to record rap records..

Lastly it was important to hear the wisdom dispensed by Jay Quan … His walk through history about Andre Harrell from his Harlem World Days to the time he spent with the Aleem Brothers to his stint with Def Jam to Uptown to Motown and beyond.. It was great hearing about the social commentary Harrell and Brown were laying out in early rap records predating the Message.. It was inspiring how he brought to the forefront everyone from him bringing us everyone from Mary J Blige to Guy to Robin Thicke to Diddy to Heavy D and too many to name is a class on to itself..

Even more admirable was seeing how Harrell and Brown talked about what they intended to do in early rap songs and how they dressed the part when folks was blind to their vision that eventually came to past.. Enjoy the conversation and tribute we laid down the soundtrack for a few generations

RIP Andre from the 3rd Section..…/hkr-tribute-to-andre-harrell/