On today’s Hard Knock Radio 07-31-20, we  speak with community organizer Rachel Jackson and Lisa Danz of Tesla about the work they are doing to organize essential workers and demand safer working conditions.  They talk about the planned demonstrations scheduled to take place  around the Bay Area and in many parts of the country on August 1st.

Later on in the show we speak with local activists about  corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak at San Quentin prison and the planned upcoming action this weekend. Our guests which include,  Courtney Morris, Tamara Morgan and Tha League who are all demanding demand Governor Gavin Newsom and  state of California protect incarcerated people from being exposed to the deadly covid-19 virus. The demonstration in front of San Quentin is scheduled for August 2nd.


Rachel Jackson, an organizer from the Bay area, working on issues of police brutality and worker rights. https://www.facebook.com/events/d41d8cd9/caravan-for-amazon-all-essential-workers/1219138918421197/

Lisa Danz is an organizer and a Tesla employee.

Courtney Morris is an organizer with No Justice Under Capitalism. https://www.facebook.com/NoJusticeUnderCapitalism/

Tamara Morgan is an organizer with No Justice Under Capitalism. Her husband is incarcerated at San Quentin

Tha League is a local organizer and former Black Panther