On today’s Hard Knock Radio Show  07-07-20 we speak with local community leaders Baba Greg Hodge, Baba Arnold Perkins and his son Darryl Perkins about their plans to establish a local Black political agenda. We talk about the steps that are needed to get the local Black community on the same page. We talk about the importance of Black folks developing a survival plan for calamities like the Covid 19 pandemic.

During our interview Baba Hodge and Baba Perkins noted that ever since the adverse impact of Hurricane Katrina where it was revealed the government has no intention of helping Black folks, Black folks all over the country have been moving in the direction of having effective survival plans.  It was also noted that the principals often cited in Kwaanza including Ujamaa (Cooperative economics) and Kujichagulia (self-determination) now have real life applications.

Both Hodge and Perkins also talked about the importance of focusing on what we can do vs what we can’t do thus shedding the addiction and reflexive upliftment of negativity.

Darryl Perkins talked about his tech company which has been monitoring the Black dollars spent on Black businesses and how its important to find creative ways to engage the Black community. MyBlackReceipt.com and BroccoliCity.com have far surpassed anyone’s initial expectations.

Later on in the showwe spoke with activist and author Kimberly Jones about the state of race in America, the injustices Black people face beyond the headlines.


Gregory Hodge is a social change activist and organizational development consultant. http://brotherhoodofelders.net/our-network/staff-consultants/

Arnold Perkins is an agent for change in Alameda County and beyond. He is an activist-intellectual, using knowledge to empower individuals for personal and social change.

Darryl Perkins is an activist and Co-Founder of Broccoli City Festival.

Kimberly Jones is a former bookseller, and now she Hosts the Atlanta Chapter of the popular Well Read Black Girl book club, as well as the infamous, viral sensation the YA Truth or Dare author panel at the Decatur Book Festival. https://www.kimjoneswrites.com/#about