In today’s Hard Knock radio Show ( 07-06-20) , we talk with two activists from Martinez, California in the Bay Area, Justin Gomez and Nakenya Allen. Our conversation¬† focused on several troubling racial incidents in that area. The one that garnered national attention were two racists who just hours after a Black Lives Matter mural was painted in downtown Martinez, came along and defaced it. The racists were confronted but refused to budge and continued with their defacing.

The mural was later restored as a group of activists stood guard.¬† Later that afternoon a man in a pick up truck came by and pointed a gun while yelling out ‘All Lives Matter’.¬† He left and then came a second time. This time he was brandishing a gun. Fortunately there was an unmarked police car nearby. They gave pursuit and arrested the gun yielding individual.

A week earlier, residents of Martinez were greeted with disturbing white pride recruitment flyers that had been circulated. This was accompanied with a BLM member’s truck being vandalized. We spoke with our guests about the plans they have undertaken to combat racism in Martinez and how to strengthen the goals around the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Later we speak Seattle journalist of Converge Media Omari Salisbury about the tragic killing of a long an activist named Summer Taylor. This happened after an enraged driver peeled his car around police barracades during a planned protest and hit Taylor as well as critically injuring another protestor named Diaz Love. killings that took place in Seattle. Omari also speaks to us about the influx of white nationalist groups who cling to the ideology of ‘Ultra-Nationalism’.