We speak with individuals at Lake Merritt in Oakland California including Tina Marie, Marcia Quioness and Timiza Joseph, about the effigy found hanging from a tree. The effigy found at Lake Merritt in Oakland has been classified as a hate crime. Federal and city law enforcement agencies are actively investigating the incident. Here is a recent article about the Effigy

The effigy was one of several recent incidents in and around the lake that has caused concern. A few days earlier several nooses were found at the lake. A Black man by the name of Victor Sengbe claimed responsibility. He attempted to be described the nooses as a swing set, but in recent days his account and motives have been called into question as detailed HERE in a recent ONN article. 

Later in the show we speak with long time Atlanta based journalist George Chidi about the murder of Rayshard Brooks. In recent days there has been quite a bit of unrest in Georgia including armed men and women patrolling their neighborhood in an attempt to protect themselves from racist intruders.

Chidi is a journalist and consultant who writes at the Georgia-focused Decaturish.