In the wake of the Corona Virus Pandemic, we’ve seen alot of attempts to definitively scapegoat a group of people. The charge to do this has been led by President Donald Trump.

In this edition of Hard Knock Radio, we spoke with Cynthia Choi of Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) and Professor Russell Jeung of SF State about the uptick in violence, hate crimes and verbal attacks on Chinese and Asian brothers and sisters who are being targeted by our racist President who is now calling the coronavirus (COVID 19 the Chinese Virus.

In our conversation we look at the long history of blaming Asians followed with restrictive and punitive policies.

Later on in the show we are joined by DJ/ scholar Kutting Kandi who talks to us about a nationwide Townhall called Anti-Asian Racism During the Global Pandemic put on by The Peoples Collective for Justice & Liberation this Saturday (March 28 2020).

On the panel will be a host of front line racial justice activist including: Professor Oliver Wang, Carmen Perez Jordan (Gathering for Justice) Angela Peoples (Black Womxn For), Jennifer K Falcon (Indigenous Environmental Network) and Helena Wong (Seeding Change ) just to name a few..

You can see the Townhall or the archive of the gathering at this link below:

Virtual Townhall