We talk Abdul Rashidullah Muhammad formerly knonw as Minister Chris from Mosque 26 in San Francisco. We talk about the current political landscape how Black people are faring under the challenges of a pandemic and on going domestic terror at the hands of the police. 

Minister Abdul details the types of steps we should consider taking to be more impactful as a community when addressing these issues. He also talks about bthe role the Nation of Islam has played over the years and why its important to listen to Minister Farrakhan when he addresses the nation this Saturday on July 4th.

Minister Abdul expolained The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan will address the current state of affairs in America, the world, the coronavirus global pandemic and other critical subjects. Minister Farrakhan’s message, “The Criterion,” will  also marks the 90th anniversary of the existence of the Nation of Islam in America. It was his first public address since February.