On today’s HKR show (07-20-20) we speak with Professor/ Historian Jelani Cobb and Congresswoman Barbara Lee about the legacies of John Lewis and CT Vivian. These are two iconic figures of the Civil Rights Movement who passed away this weekend. Their accomplishments and overall impact to the movement and thje civil rights eventually gained for African Americans.

During our interview Jelani Cobb lends keen insightsinto the life of John Lewis. Most of us know him for the march he led across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma where he was badly beaten on what is now known as Bloody Sunday. Cobb broke down the history of Lewis when he was heavily involved in the freedom rides and how violent they became. He also talked about the contentious and bitter race for Congress between Lewis and fellow SNCC member Julian Bond.

Congresswoman Lee shared her personal stories with Lewis and told us what he was like behind the scenes andf away from the public spotlight. She also detailed key pieces of legislation he had worked on and the current bills he was working to get passed leading up to his death..

Both Professor Cobb and Congresswoman Lee broke down the history of Reverend CT Vivian who was Field Marshall for Dr Martin Luther King and his SLCL Organization (Southern Christian Leadership Conference ). Both noted that he was tremendously impactful but is often underplayed when we talk about the Civil Rights Movement.