On today’s HKR Show (07-24-20) we talk about the legacy of women in the Black Panther Party and the the survival programs they pioneered. We talk about the ways in which women have been erased from the Black Freedom movement and the steps we need to do to make sure they get their shine. We talk with former Black Panther, political prisoner and educator Ericka Huggins about the importance of healing, the roles men can play in ending the erasure of women and the tactics they deployed to keep the survival programs, in particular the freedom schools running.

We talk with organizer Jilchristina Vest about her plans to have a mural painted in West Oakland to honor Black Panther women and why its so important to have something that is visible for the community. We talk about the fundraising efforts she has undertaken to ensure this project is completed and why it will be an inspiration for young girls. She talks about the plans to have the mural unveiled   in time for the October 17th anniversary of the Black Panther Party

JilChristina also encourages folks who are interested in helping the community effort to hit up their Kickstarter page… at


Lastly, we talk to lead artist and educator James Shields of Creative Shields about his role in the mural project and how art is often overlooked as a tool for healing. He talks about how and why its important for men to step up, follow the lead of women and speak out about their accomplishments and help correct past transgressions men have made toward women..