On today’s Hard Knock Radio show we speak with Rodstarz of the group Rebel Diaz. Orginally from Chile and now based in Chicago and the Bronx  the group is unapologetically revolutionary in both how they approach music, the hard hitting subject matter they tackle and their overall philosophy.

More importantly they are about the business of practicing what they preach. For example, they believe the current system of capitalism cannot be reformed, it has to be replaced. Unlike many who will speak such rhetoric Rebel Diaz puts it into practice. Their work has always been done as a collective and over the years they have given tirelessly to their communities…

Among the things they have done is touch done in places like Fergurson during the Mike Brown rebellion and documented the unrest and turned it into a 6 part documentary for the people called The Mike Brown Rebellion.

When Chicago school teachers embarked on a historic strike, Rebel Diaz stepped up and made their presence felt by both documenting, reporting back on their popular radio show And You Don’t Stop and by doing songs like Chicago Teachers that directly addressed the issue.

They recently returned from their home country of Chile where there was recent unrest and they documented what they witnessed and reported back various community centers and schools around the country including San Francisco State to let folks know whats up.

In recent days they have put forth a recording project called Multiply which features artists like Tef Poe and T-Dubb from Fergurson, Sa Roc and Rah Digga and of course themselves..In short the group pulls no punches.

During our conversation Rodstarz  talks about the connection between police and Israeli tactics being adapted all over the world to crush dissent. We talk about the brutal tactics they witnessed in Chile, where police shot out the eyes of protestors and how many police departments here in the US are doing the same thing during the George Floyd Rebelllion where they are using rubber bullets.

We talk about Black Brown unity in places like Chicago and the Bronx and how to rid the community of anti Blackness in Latino communities. We also talk about the ways in which police were trying to divide those communities including deputizing Latino gangs to go after Black protestors under the guise that they should be fearful of looting…