the Today on Hard Knock Radio (07-10-20) We speak with long time activist/ artist Jahi about his new projects which include two new books The Microphone Journeyman Influences, Messages and Notes from the Stage.. which is now a limited edition collectors item and The Intersection Between Hip Hop Culture and Education..where he writes about how he went to 20 museums around the world presenting Hip Hop as a world culture with life affirming principles.

We also talk to him about his new album Foward Future w/ UK based producer Configa. It is his 16th independently released album

Originally from Cleveland now based in Oakland, We talk to him about his experiences as being part of Public Enemy camp (PE 2.0 and Enemy Radio) and what it was like being a part of the BET Awards where they did an incredible remake of the hit song Fight The Power. That remake included legendary Hip Hop artists like Nas, Black Thought, Rapsody and YG. along with Chuck D, Flava Flav and Jahi.

We talk to JahiĀ  about the current state of Hip Hop and whether or not it’s risen to the occassion and addressed the needs of the people during this current global coronavirus pandemic and civil unrest around domestic terror (police brutality).

We talk to Jahi about the steps one should take to expand the corporatate limitations placed on Hip Hop culture and how to better engage youth.